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Hi, I'm Niamh, a Transformational Coach and Business Mentor.

 ​​I work with women who feel stuck, unable to move their lives forward, but they know something in their lives just isn’t right. Something needs changing.  

All roads have led me to discover my true life purpose and by sharing my life experiences, my own transformation, I help women feel heard, supported and feeling that they belong. I help them be who they want to be. I assist those who are searching for what they need to make real transformation in their lives, at work, in their relationships and most importantly with themselves.

I have created and designed this intimate one day workshop, to begin that process, so you might learn how to get out of your own way and live the life you know you deserve.  

I help people all over the world make the transformation they need ​​to get them the life they truly want not just the one they have.

Mine has not been an easy path, but I am grateful for the struggles, they have been my gift, they have taught me so much about myself. They are what inspire me now to work with like-minded women who simply just want to turn their lives around. Women who want real transformation. ​​

If you're still reading this, the chances are that the universe has brought us together for a reason. 

Maybe you’re ready to take the first step towards transformation and will join us on January 11th?

Maybe you know that this is YOUR time?


  • At the start of each New Year, we are all guilty of talking about setting the goals and targets we plan to aim towards. Does this sound like you? Do you set lofty goals with the best of intentions each year but somehow never seem to reach them and are left feeling disappointed and crushed. Again.  

  • When you do this you also completely miss out on the most important piece that should happen even before the goal setting, which is the creation and designing of your very own personal Vision.  

  • Before you ask HOW you are going to get somewhere, you need to know just WHERE it is exactly that you are going to. You need to know your own desired destination.  

  • When you know WHERE then you need to tease out your WHY. Why is it so important that you get there? Why does this matter so much to you?  

  • When you have clarity on WHERE you want to get to, and WHY you want to go there, then the setting of the goals part become the added details and the final piece of your own personal jigsaw.  

  • When you are in possession of this clarity, you will feel much more in alignment with who you really are. When you set goals from this place of alignment, your chances of reaching them increases exponentially.  

  • These become YOUR goals, the goals you want because YOU have created them, not the goals you think others expect of you. This is where your personal success resides. This is where you will find your power.  

This workshop will enable you to avoid future disappointment and move with ease towards creating your Vision and ultimately towards reaching your Goals.  




BONUS: Following our 2020 VISION Workshop, I will provide each attendee with their bespoke Personal Purpose Plan (Normal Value - €250)  

"I booked this workshop without really knowing what to expect as I follow Niamh on Instagram. I could not have had a better experience. I've been to several workshops and seminars for self-development but this felt different. Niamh really understands her topic and you feel that too. She shared her own personal story which I instantly felt made her very relatable. What made this workshop exceptional was the practical take aways we all left with. I'm still using them today. She covered so much on the day but did so in great detail and at the perfect pace. I've already signed up to her next workshop You should too."  

Anne M

"I recently attended the Time for Transformation Workshop and having had a few days to absorb all the information and begin to implement the steps to make changes in my life I can honestly say it is the best investment for myself that I have made.  

The Workshop was held in a warm,welcoming,safe space lead by Niamh who very obviously puts her heart and soul into her passion to help people to make changes to become the very best version of themselves .  

The information was layered gently during the day which evoked questions in my own mind and amongst the group all of which gave invaluable insight. Niamh walked us through steps and by the end of the day I felt like I had a blueprint in mind for myself that would bring the changes I would love to achieve.  

I also feel that I now have tools in place to help guide me when I struggle ,which I no doubt will, but to be able to reset when things go wrong makes me feel more in control and self sufficient . Niamh is an incredible and inspiring Coach. Synergy, Divine timing,the Universe brought me to this Workshop and I feel very grateful and thankful that I got to be part of such an amazing day".  


"TIME FOR TRANSFORMATION was without doubt one of the most inspiring workshops that I have ever attended. Niamh captivated me, my attention, my interest, my aspirations, my determination. I cannot believe how different I felt after it. All my whatever’s aligned and nothing but positive energy came my way. Thank you Niamh. I will definitely be at your next one!"  

Cora M

The day will also include: 

  • Personally created guided Meditations to begin and end our day
  • Journaling exercises to begin co-creating your own vision for the next 12 months.  
  • Affirmations and mantras to get you working on your Mindset.

So whether you decide to give yourself an early Christmas gift, or you might want to give this to someone you know will really benefit from putting themselves first going into 2020. 

I am incredibly excited to have you join us on 11.1.20 and begin working with you to create YOUR personal Vision for 2020 and beyond.

You are ready. You know it.  

Niamh Transformational Coach & Business Mentor  


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