• Identify the steps you need to take to CHANGE
  • Envision and feel how it feels to already have what you want
  • Trust yourself to do what you want to do and NOT what you are supposed to do.  
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Niamh Ennis Profile

Hi, I'm Niamh, a Transformational Coach and a Mindset Mentor and Energy Healer.

 ​​I work with women who feel stuck, unable to move their lives forward, but they know something in their lives just isn’t right. Something needs changing.  

All roads have led me to discover my true life purpose and by sharing my life experiences, my own transformation, I help women feel heard, supported and feeling that they belong. I help them be who they want to be. I assist those who are searching for what they need to make real transformation in their lives, at work, in their relationships and most importantly with themselves.

I have created and designed this intimate one day workshop, to begin that process, so you might learn how to get out of your own way and live the life you know you deserve.  

I help people all over the world make the transformation they need ​​to get them the life they truly want not just the one they have.

Mine has not been an easy path, but I am grateful for the struggles, they have been my gift, they have taught me so much about myself. They are what inspire me now to work with like-minded women who simply just want to turn their lives around. Women who want real transformation. ​​

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